Science with Sonja

"My Goal is to Nurture the Relationship Children Have with Science"

 Children delight in science and getting their hands (or gloves!) dirty as they explore the world around them. Unfortunately, as many of these children grow older, their passion for science fades as their interactions become less visceral and more rooted in book work. I have a passion for science education, and, my goal is to help nurture the relationship children have with science - to help children see that science doesn't ever have to stop being fun!

My Passion is Bringing Out Your Child's Inner Scientist 

The beautiful thing about science is that we are always immersed in it. You don't need expensive equipment or hazardous chemicals to beautifully demonstrate the magic of chemistry. Children love the hands-on activities I prepare because they get to be involved every step of the way. I come to you and bring everything needed!

As an organic chemist by training, science is truly my passion. As a college professor, I know how important student engagement is in education. As a mother of three, I have plenty of experience with supporting young, inquisitive minds.

Science is by nature interdisciplinary. The engineering design process is integrated in many of the science programs that I offer.

 Understanding math is critical to success in STEM fields. Being comfortable using math is a huge skill for children to develop. Mathematical principles are embedded in all of the programs that I offer. 

What are my Options?

I am always adding new programs, and I am always open to requests. Some programs available include:

Dyeing Fabrics with Natural Dyes

The Science of Baking

Energy and Motion

Acids, Bases, and Glow in the Dark Eggs !

Phases of Matter and Capturing Gases

Forces that Bind - The Science of Bubbles

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