Groups 30-50

$300 plus materials fee (varies according to group size/experiment)


Groups 30 and under

$200 plus materials fee

Prices are for a two-hour window. Choose from any of the following options below.

Acids, Bases and Glow in the Dark Eggs!

Students will learn about acids and bases through various activities. Students will also learn about the anatomy of an egg and how a simple acid-base reaction can result in a bouncy, glow-in-the-dark egg!

The Science of Baking

Requires access to an oven. Themes discussed include reactions that occur while baking and an introduction to molecular gastronomy - edible water balls anyone?!

Energy and Motion

Students will learn about various forms of energy and then design and construct a car powered by mechanical energy. This activity has a heavy emphasis on the engineering design process.

Phases of Matter and Generating Gases

Forces that Bind - The Science of Bubbles